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The Blutspureninstitut offers courses for forensic working persons in the field of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. Students affiliated with forensic institutions may also apply.

The following courses are offered regularly each year:

- 40 h Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

- 40 h Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

The following courses are offered upon request:

- Advanced BPA Course 2 - Special topics of Bloodstain Pattern   Analysis

- Crime Scene Reconstruction - Basics

- Anatomical and physiological Basics for the use of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

All courses and additional, specific course can be offered as inhouse-trainings. For additional information please contact the Blutspureninstitut.

The Basic and Advanced Courses are 40 h courses which fulfill the recommendations of the IABPA. All courses can also be teached as Inhouse-Courses, when required. All courses are available in German, English and Finnish language.

All 40 h courses are finishing with an exam.

40 h - Basic Course

Is the entrance in the field of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. It teaches the physical, physiological and anatomical basics of the profession. Bloodstain Patterns are introduced and reproduced by the course participants in the practical parts of the course. The course uses swgstain-terminology.

The theoretical parts are taking place in the mornings, the practical parts are taking place in the afternoons.

40 h -Advanced course

Is meant for persons who are or will be writing reports in this field. It trains in topics as differential diagnosis of Bloodstain Pattern, BPA specific requirements for Crime Scene visits, documentation of Bloodstain under difficult circumstances, BPA on textiles, Quality management in BPA and other topics.

The theoretical courses are taking place in the mornings, the practical parts are taking place In the afternoons.

1,5 – 2 day Inhouse training “Terminology in BPA”

Is a designed course for laboratories and Police departments who are on a regular day confronted with Bloodstains throughout there work. It is structured to implement professional terminology in a department. It consists of two theoretical parts and one practical part.

Additional courses can be offered upon request.


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