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The Blutspureninstitut is a fully specialized, scientific institute which provides Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction for Crime Scenes.

The work of the Blutspureninstitut consists of three departments: Case work, Scientific work and publishing and forensic training.

The training courses of the Blutspureninstitut are open for persons working in the forensic field. They follow the recommendations of the IABPA and a successful exam of the Basic Course BPA provides the right to enter IABPA as a provisional member.

The Advanced courses of the house are designed for persons who are going to write reports in this field of expertise.

The Blutspureninstitut is offering:

- Bloodstain Pattern Analysis at Crime Scenes

- BPA and CSR Reports

- Decisive opinions for courts

- Second opinions of cases

- Soot reduction at crime scenes with Liquidlatexlifting

- Crime Scene Reconstruction

- Experimental setups for reconstructional uses




Blutspureninstitut | Obergasse 20 | 61250 Usingen | Tel. 0170-84 84 248 | 06081-5873424 | info@blutspureninstitut.com