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Dr. Silke Brodbeck, MD is a specialized expert for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction. She is working in domestic and international cases. After graduating from Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe-university in Frankfurt Main, she wrote her doctoral theses about postmortem cT-scan in gunshot wounds and worked later on as MD in neurosurgery and forensic pathology.

She is the head of the AG Wissenschaften within the German Association of Criminalistics and member of several comities in the IABPA. Next to her case work, she is author of three books and publishes regularly scientific articles. She has provided consultation about DIN ISO standardization in BPA since 2006.

She was the first person to use Liquidlatexlifting in Germany, Austria and Finland. The method has been since 2008 used at the Blutspureninstitut in a standardized way.

Until today the Blutspureninstitut has trained forensic professionals from police forces, labs, ENFSI labs, forensic pathologies and other universities from 32 countries on 4 different continents. She is a lecturer for BPA at the Hessian Police Academy and within a Master program of a university.

Dr. Brodbeck is author of three books and several articles. She is member of the following associations:

- International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts

- Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kriminalistik (DGfK)

- Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction

- Suomen Palontutkijat


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